4 types of Social Enterprise Registrations to explore: LLC, CIC, Incorporated by Trustees and Business name.

Let's explore four different types of registrations for African social enterprises in a fun and relatable way, discussing capital requirements and shareholders along the way. Imagine we're running a website dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the world of

Lessons from Running Shoes: A Sustainable Business Model for Social Enterprises

In recent years, the concept of sustainability has gained significant traction in the world of business. Social enterprises, in particular, have embraced sustainability as a core principle in their operations. To explore an exemplary model of sustainability in the

Freemium and Cheapium for Social Impact Startup Founders: Balancing Profitability and Purpose (A)

The pursuit of profit and positive social impact need not be mutually exclusive. Social impact startups are emerging as a powerful force for change, addressing pressing societal and environmental challenges. However, finding sustainable revenue models can be a major


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