Independent Rapporteur

We are seeking Independent Rapporteurs to contribute their expertise and insights to our organization's initiatives and projects. The Independent Rapporteur will play a crucial role in collecting and analyzing data, preparing reports, and providing objective observations and recommendations to

Community Engagement Intern

The Community Engagement Intern will play a vital role in supporting community outreach and fostering meaningful connections between an organization and its stakeholders. This position involves working closely with various community groups, organizations, and individuals to promote active participation


As a Campus Ambassador for Muazu Africa Social Enterprise Hubs, you will be the face and voice of our startup on your college or university campus. You will play a vital role in raising awareness about social entrepreneurship, promoting


As a Resource Partner for a Social Startup, your role is instrumental in securing and managing resources that support the organization's social mission and objectives. You will play a vital part in building and maintaining strategic partnerships, acquiring necessary


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