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The client offers advisory services on integrated policies and practices within the food systems, climate, and health nexus.

Job Summary

The Program Manager plays a pivotal role in implementing a pilot program in Nigeria focused on Rice Milling and Fortification. Acting as a liaison between food processing clients and the volunteer pool of industry experts, the manager ensures the delivery of technical assistance to rice millers.

The program manager will be responsible for identifying , vetting, and engaging rice millers, mostly in the Middle Belt and Northern part of Nigeria (Kebbi, Nassarawa, Jigawa, Kano, Kaduna, Kogi, etc). This role entails managing the pipeline of prospective projects, scoping them through discussions with owners/managers, and maintaining strong relationships with identified clients. The successful candidate must possess a blend of technical expertise in rice milling, management acumen, and outstanding interpersonal skills.


Client and Project Management:

  • Identify, assess, and onboard local rice millers, including conducting initial meetings with identified food processors to evaluate the potential for impactful projects.
  • Conduct on-site visits to gather essential technical information (e.g., ingredients, suppliers, packers, processes) to make informed decisions about project communications.
  • Facilitate alignment on project scope documents and secure approvals from both management and clients before project commencement.
  • Identify and nurture a local ecosystem of strategic partners to enhance impact and resource availability.
  • Perform comprehensive business assessments for high-potential clients, identifying priority needs and opportunities for engagement.
  • Collaborate with clients to draft project scope documents, obtaining necessary approvals.
  • Facilitate effective communication between project  volunteers and clients to ensure successful knowledge transfer.
  • Monitor project progress, report on key metrics, and address any issues requiring management support.

Technical Assessment and Knowledge Transfer:

  • Support, organize and conduct training workshops for clients, as needed, on technical issues ranging from quality control, production process, operations, supply chain, safety, and hygiene, working conditions (i.e., wages, safety), and proper environmental management.
  • Assess ingredients, packaging materials, manufacturing processes, and safety and quality management practices.
  • Identify and complete business assessment of marketing, sales, finance, and overall management practices as appropriate, a business case for rice fortification
  • Provide direct support and guidance as appropriate to clients necessary to produce products to maximize capacity and optimize product quality and differentiation
  • Facilitate the transfer of technical expertise from volunteers to clients, ensuring alignment with project objectives.
  • Provide direct support and guidance to clients for maximizing capacity and optimizing product quality.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Food Science, Food Technology, or related field; Master’s degree preferred.
  • 5 to 7 years of experience in food processing, with at least 3 years in a Rice Milling Facility.
  • Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), and food safety standards.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and relationship-building abilities.
  • Proven track record in providing technical solutions to food processors.
  • Excellent problem-solving, analytical, and project management skills.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English, with good computer skills in business software.


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