As a Campus Ambassador for Muazu Africa Social Enterprise Hubs, you will be the face and voice of our startup on your college or university campus. You will play a vital role in raising awareness about social entrepreneurship, promoting our organization’s mission and initiatives, and inspiring students to engage in social impact activities. Your responsibilities will involve building a network of passionate individuals, organizing events, and fostering a culture of social entrepreneurship on campus. Through your efforts, you will help create a vibrant ecosystem that empowers students to become changemakers and contribute to solving social challenges.


Promotion and Awareness:

  • Serve as a spokesperson for our organization, promoting our mission, values, and programs to fellow students, clubs, and faculty members.
  • Create and implement innovative marketing and outreach strategies to raise awareness about social entrepreneurship on campus.
  • Utilize social media platforms and other communication channels to share updates, success stories, and opportunities related to social entrepreneurship.

Recruitment and Networking:

  • Recruit and onboard student volunteers and ambassadors who are passionate about social entrepreneurship and want to contribute to our cause.
  • Build a strong network of like-minded individuals, clubs, and organizations on campus, fostering collaboration and cross-disciplinary initiatives.
  • Organize networking events, workshops, and guest speaker sessions to connect students with successful social entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Event Planning and Execution:

  • Organize and host campus events such as panel discussions, workshops, competitions, and awareness campaigns focused on social entrepreneurship.
  • Collaborate with student organizations, academic departments, and local communities to co-create events that address specific social challenges.
  • Ensure smooth event logistics, including venue arrangements, marketing materials, guest invitations, and participant registrations.

Mentorship and Support:

  • Provide guidance and mentorship to students interested in launching their social ventures or participating in social entrepreneurship programs.
  • Facilitate connections between students and relevant resources, such as incubators, funding opportunities, and mentor networks.
  • Offer ongoing support and encouragement to individuals or teams working on social innovation projects or initiatives.

Reporting and Feedback:

  • Maintain regular communication with the organization’s leadership team, providing updates on campus activities, achievements, and challenges.
  • Collect feedback from students and participants to identify areas for improvement and to tailor programs and initiatives to their needs.
  • Prepare reports and documentation highlighting the impact and outcomes of campus activities, which can be shared with stakeholders and partners.


  • Currently enrolled as a student at a college or university.
  • Passionate about social entrepreneurship and creating positive social impact.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong networking and relationship-building abilities.
  • Self-motivated and capable of working independently.
  • Organizational and event planning skills.
  • Familiarity with social media platforms and digital marketing.
  • Previous experience in leadership or campus involvement is a plus.

Note: The specific responsibilities and requirements may vary depending on the organization’s goals, campus culture, and available resources.


Visit us at Desk at The Bulb, 39 Ikorodu Rd, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos

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