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Introducing our groundbreaking Campus Tour Service—a dynamic platform designed to empower student-driven social ventures while revolutionizing academia's approach to social entrepreneurship. This service acts as a catalyst for student innovators, offering a dual-purpose itinerary that merges funding opportunities with market exploration. Through our tours, budding entrepreneurs gain access to a network of investors, philanthropic organizations, and incubators, creating a direct pathway for funding their social ventures. Simultaneously, the tour extends beyond financial support by immersing students in diverse markets, fostering connections with communities and industries aligned with their ventures' missions. Moreover, our Campus Tour Service doesn't just end with funding avenues. We're dedicated to catalyzing institutional change within academia by integrating social entrepreneurship seamlessly into academic syllabi. By partnering with educational institutions, we offer tailored modules and workshops, equipping faculties and students with the tools, knowledge, and resources essential for understanding and implementing social entrepreneurship principles. This integration empowers future leaders to think innovatively, fostering a mindset where social impact is ingrained in educational curricula. Our aim is to create a ripple effect, inspiring a generation of socially conscious thinkers and doers who will shape a more sustainable and equitable future.
Muazu Africa

Created 29 May, 2023


Muazu Africa

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  • Nigeria, Rwanda, Benin Republic, Ghana, Gambia


Visit us at Desk at The Bulb, 39 Ikorodu Rd, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos

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