[Ikoyi, Lagos, 30th Oct 2023] — Muazu Africa is proud to introduce the Policy Corner, Nigeria’s Inaugural Policy Corner for Social Enterprises, aimed at driving positive change in Nigeria’s business and social landscape. With a strong focus on collaboration and innovation, this new platform is set to pioneer groundbreaking outcomes that will leave a lasting impact on the nation.

The Muazu Africa Policy Corner seeks to bring together thought leaders, experts, and stakeholders from diverse sectors, including the private, public, and philanthropic realms, to engage in a hybrid dialogue addressing the critical issues facing Nigeria’s business and social enterprises. Through a series of panel discussions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, the initiative will foster a rich exchange of ideas and the development of strategies that promise transformative outcomes.

Key outcomes pioneered by Muazu Africa through the Policy Corner include:

1. Enhanced Business Environment: Muazu Africa is committed to collaborating with stakeholders to advocate for policies that promote the ease of doing business in Nigeria. The initiative will work towards reducing bureaucratic bottlenecks, streamlining regulations, and improving the overall business climate, thus attracting investments and fostering economic growth.

2. Social Entrepreneurship Development: Muazu Africa recognizes the vital role that social enterprises play in addressing societal challenges. The Policy Corner will focus on promoting social entrepreneurship by creating an enabling environment for these enterprises to thrive, thereby driving sustainable social impact.

3. Cross-Sector Collaboration: The initiative aims to bridge the gap between public, private, and philanthropic sectors, encouraging partnerships that leverage the strengths of each to tackle complex issues collectively. This cross-sector collaboration will lead to innovative solutions and more significant impact.

4. Policy Advocacy: Muazu Africa will use the Policy Corner as a platform for advocating for progressive policies that support economic growth and social development in Nigeria. Through research, data-driven recommendations, and engagement with decision-makers, the initiative will influence policy changes that benefit the nation.

5. Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building: The Policy Corner will be a resource hub, providing access to information, expertise, and capacity-building opportunities for business leaders, social entrepreneurs, and policymakers to foster learning and growth.

Muazu Africa is excited to embark on this journey to create a more prosperous and equitable Nigeria. The Policy Corner is a testament to our commitment to driving change and fostering a conducive environment for businesses and social enterprises to thrive, ultimately contributing to a brighter future for our nation.

For further information, please contact:

Jumoke Afolarin
Partnerships and Special Projects Lead
Muazu Africa

About Muazu Africa:
Muazu Africa is an innovative platform dedicated to connecting social enterprises with vast market opportunities, extensive exposure, and a shared network of like-minded individuals and organizations across the beautiful continent of Africa. 

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